Linda Sarah

Linda Sarah is the incredible new author-illustrator talent behind our latest original picture book, Mi and Museum City, publishing in September 2013. The story of the book's publication is told through Linda's pictures on our facebook page here.

We always give our illustrator's the option to illustrate their biographies, and we are delighted Linda has taken us up on the offer (see below). Linda's brilliantly wacky style is indicative of her imagination and quirky characters you will be meeting in Mi and Museum City. 

"I was born in Romford a while ago - a true Essex girl! - and grew up wanting to be a firefighter (unfortunately, on the day the local fire station had invited me there to learn about becoming a firefighter, there was a strike and the visit never happened).
Many years passed...

...I lived in Paris, working as a singer and piano player and raising my gorgeous son, Tom, I returned to Britain and got my Fine Art degree at the Slade School of Fine Art.

I worked as a waitress and mom and also a few other small things, like running creative workshops for young people in Tower Hamlets who were going to be re-housed. These experiences were just brilliant and inspiring and full of huge amounts of giggling and models made from string, glue, paper, ridiculousness and imagination.

When my son went off to study Physics at Uni., I thought I'd open up the small box inside mecalled 'dreams and adventures' and started drawing and writing just like I had a long time ago.

I then figured out how to actually write things with a beginning, middle and an end (my first stories had lots of middle and some begininnings, but rarely an ending) and started making children's books, which I think is the best job ever! (I would never have made a good firefighter anyway – I'm incredibly short-sighted and very claustraphobic).

 Other small things: I play a beautiful old accordion which was previously owned by a Romany musician who played in a Mariachi band (you can still hear some of the tunes he played if you put your ear against it); like writing in the bath and use lipstick or eyeliner when I can't find a pencil; can read more than one book at once; and dream of living in Norway. Hello."

Please do check out Linda's amazing website and blog: . You will not be disappointed. (And we challenge you not to smile at Linda's work!)

Images below © Linda Sarah. Artist portrait © Nigel McCorkell

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