PYB win Independent Publishing Award!

We are absolultey over the moon and delighted beyond words to have won the Newcomer Award at the Independent Publishing Guild Awards 2013. This is what the judges said about us:

"Phoenix Yard is rewarded for quickly carving out a distinctive personality and building commercial nous in children’s publishing. It has achieved success with awards and established a profile among booksellers, in the media and at festivals. Judges also liked its attractive books and support of work in translation. “This publisher has thought very clearly about what it was setting out to do, and has approached it in a professional and stylish way.”

This is our first ever award! When we look back to what we started with less than three years ago, we are still pinching ourselves. Out of the ashes, as they say. Phoenix Yard Books really was out of the ashes, in so many ways.

We’ve always been so humbled by the incredible support we’ve received from so many people; people who have believed in what we doing from the very beginning.

The list of thank yous is too long; and thank you too short and insufficient a word to express our gratitude to very many people. But here are a few:

First and foremost, thank you to our authors, illustrators and translators, without whom we wouldn’t have anything at all. Our authors who weave their magic with words to create the stories, worlds and characters that we are so proud to publish; our illustrators who have given us that distinctive, stylish je ne sais quoi for which we’ve become so known; our translators who make the world go round. And to the agents who’ve also taken a big leap of faith in our new company.

To the children (and adults), parents, schools, teachers and librarians who have bought, read, used and enjoyed our books. You are why we do what we do.

To the booksellers who’ve supported our titles from the word go. And a special thank you to our sales agency, Bounce Sales and Marketing, who do such a fantastic job for us.

To the critics and reviewers who gave us a better start than we ever could have imagined.

À nos amis en France. Nous n'aurions pas pu y arriver sans vous!

To our talented and dedicated staff, associates and freelancers who have worked with us to make Phoenix Yard Books a success.

We think we can well and truly say that the Phoenix has risen. THANK YOU!