Meet Arthur...

Meet Arthur, the protagonist and narrator of our new young fiction series, launching in spring 2013. Written by Québécois author Johanne Mercier, translated by Daniel Hahn and illustrated by Clare Elsom.

Arthur is a seven-year-old boy who is brilliant at being a seven-year-old boy. These are witty stories full of understated humour, populated by quirky yet recognisable characters, and narrated by Arthur who has the rational worldview that comes exclusively from being seven- years-old.

Arthur and the Mystery of the Egg (1st February 2013)

Arthur and the Earthworms (1st February 2013)

Arthur and the Yeti (1st May 2013)

Arthur and the Hairy Guardian (1st May 2013)

Arthur and the Witch (1st September 2013)

Arthur and the Ice Rink (1st October 2013)

 We're delighted to show off Clare Elsom's cover artwork below. Click on the covers to read extracts from Arthur and Mystery of the Egg and Arthur and the Earthworms.